“Every Picture Tells A Story Don’t It” – Rod Stewart and Ron Wood

My photography reflects my amazement with the world around me.  Nature to me holds marvels of all sizes.  I am drawn to the landscape and its flowers, insects and wildlife.

Often, I find myself pulled toward an old structure, building or object and wonder what it was like in its prime.  What history is held within its walls? Who built it, worked there or used it?
I also wonder if my photograph will be its final portrait.

Tomorrow my subjects may no longer stand or survive the elements of nature for someone else to witness.
I aim to capture a fleeting portrait to share with my friends and take pride in printing the vision of what I saw through my lens.

These days, I spend much of my time hiking in the northern mountains of Georgia and occasionally in Florida where I grew up.

I believe, if I make you stop for a brief second and notice what is often overlooked and forgotten, or have you lose yourself in the past, I have succeeded. I hope to transport you to another time or place … and bring you a quiet moment and perhaps, even a smile.


Paul Sumberg has made images for more than 40 years and just recently started exhibiting his personal works.
Paul has recently begun a series of Salted Paper Prints (Salt Prints) employing an 1830s process of hand salting and silvering paper and contact printed using sunlight.
If you have any questions, please ask … he enjoys a good conversation.